Monday, April 1, 2013

Positive Zombie

Assalammualaikum w.b.t =)

The weather here in Pekan,Pahang is wayyyyy toooo hooottt. Keep feeling dizzy and thirsting for ice water. Sangat menguji iman when I dont really drink an icy water, water berais, lantaklah. Sabar sabar.. Maybe it is a sign from Him to show that The Hell is extremely HOt and u cant even imagine. Barulah kau sedar diri yang diri tu byk dosa. Apa lagi,, pergilah muhasabah diri.  sobsob

Most of my class is on the afternoon. Awesomee...terasa mahu menyeret kipas dinding bersama-sama sepanjang perjalanan.Sungguh gembira hatiku ini. Terasa rindu-rinduan pula pada waktu hujan.

The evolution for women right now in my college is The Kurus-kurusan evolution or I can call it as Nyah-Kau Lemak evolution. All the diet pill, felinna inchloss, bekung, fat burner habis diguna buat experiment. Sayang. Sejuta kali sayang. 

While I am crazily torturing my mouth to eat like a giant, they keep avoiding to eat food. For me, as long as u stay healthy, no high cholestrol,heartattack or what so ever,, keep up the way u are. Me? Crazily meroyan makan pil tak tentu arah semata nak gemukkan badan.
 Bukan tak bersyukur,, it just affect my daily life routine. Badan tetiba pucat, jogging pon badan da berpeluh sejuk. Why? because I lost my weight a lot. Drastically. I dont even know why. Need to catch up ideal weight back. I am totally weak. Bukan sebab badanku kurus, harus berlagak mengatakan kepada mereka 'Perlu ke nak kurus?' but because I already pass the stage where I am the budak gemok in family, the jerangkung during matrix, and currently the zombie in University. .

Indeed, all u have to do first is positively accept who you are. Who else will comfort yourself when others not accepting the different. The different that is actually represent each one of us. Because human are ungrateful creatures that arrogantly want to change the true meaning of 'beauty' and 'perfect'.

This is what I called, the power of Positive thinking.. Nehhhhh.. it is science.. Logic but we never thought about it.
Senang cerita, in anything,anyhow, be positive Ok?. As a reminder for myself.